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I am trying out a new blogging service for educators - this one appears to blend blogging and portals together. Let's see how it works out! Comments are welcome.

TechLearn has been created as a place to list and discuss ideas related to using technology to support teaching and learning. Judy Byers and I (Jennifer Berthelot) are presenting on Friday Oct 24th, 2008 and again later in the school year  - for further information about our workshop please contact SPDU at www.spdu.ca.
For more information about the various topics we will be covering, simply select a category from the navigational list to your right to access the information, links and resources.
defaultFor online resources, we suggest you visit our Online Learning Centre where you will find resources tied to Saskatchewan Curriculum. These resources have been developed by Saskatchewan teachers and Saskatoon Public Schools over the past several years. These resources are free to use.


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Judy Byers - Facilitator

Welcome to Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning . We will be exploring exciting tools and resources to help you think about using technology to make a differen...more