Blogging Sites

There are a few educational blogging sites. I LOVE the one I am using for this blog/portal - - Cool I love how quick it is, how it does all the navigational set up for me and how easy it is to add a blogroll of student users! We are modeling this technology for you so you can see how we set it up.


EDUBLOGS - - We have had some issues with the speed of this site and reliability.


These blogging sites are for educational purposes ONLY. If you decide to blog on a site like, students have access to materials that anyone is blogging about and that may cause some issues in your classroom - that is why we suggest staying with the educational versions that we listed above.



Mrs. Cassidy's Grade One Classroom Blog - 

Kakos' 1st Hour English - Grade 10 -

Consumer Math 20 Class -


Blogging in Plain English