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 - Food for Thought - - links to resources to support the Sask. Health Curriculum for the Grade 2 sample unit on Nutrition.

 - Math Virtual Manipulative Links: made by a Saskatchewan Teacher.



defaultIn addition to hundreds of compelling curriculum resources for teachers, the Internet also contains excellent curriculum resources to use directly with students. Once you've located the sites you want to use with your students, you'll need a way to organize them so they are easily accessible. A hotlist is a list of Web pages that you keep in one place for easy access. You may want create an Internet hotlist of links that are appropriate for a unit in your curriculum.

You can create a hotlist using Filamentality, a fill-in-the-blank format for gathering Web sites and organizing them into activities and resources for the classroom.

  1. Go to:
  2. From the Homepage for Filamentality, click on A Tour of the Process. By clicking on the blue arrows, you will see the basic steps to creating a hotlist, as well as what a finished sample will look like.
  3. Once you've returned to the beginning of the tour, click on the Start a New Topic link at the bottom of the page.

Filamentality provides directions on each page to guide you through the creation process. Links to all the steps you will need to complete are at the bottom of the page in the navigation bar and include Add Links, Edit Links, and Hotlist.

 - Start with Add Links and add the three links you have chosen for your hotlist. For each link, you are given room to write a description. In this space, write a brief description to students about what this site offers. This space can also be used to provide directions for how students are to use the Web sites when they visit them

 - Under Edit Links, you can fix any mistakes you made when adding links. They also can be deleted at this point

 - Under Hotlist, customize your hotlist's title and introduction. If appropriate, identify categories that your links fit in, and assign the links to the correct category.

 - Click on Hotlist one final time to publish your hotlist on the Web. Write down the URL for your list.